Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weekly Free Download

Silhouette Free Download 1/19/2016

For those new silhouette users every week the Silhouette store offers a FREE download pattern.
Sometimes the patterns may not appeal to you as much as others, but especially in the beginning I recommend always downloading them. It will make you familiar with different design ideas, and most pieces can be used in lots of different ways.
First let me give credit here to Daniela Moscone she is the amazing designer for this one. I was most surprised by this card because the back flaps double as the cards stand. So this one stands up on it's own. We love that!
Then to add just a quick enhancement to the back-side I saved the stars and the rectangles from the front cut. I also used my cutting tool to cut an additional base.
1. Duplicate your base. (or copy paste)
2. Select your Cutting Tool

3. Make sure your unfilled shape stays as a solid.
4. Hold your shift key while dragging knife across bottom section to cut in straight line.
NOTE: If your new to the knife remember that if you cut a little off simply hit your undo and start again until you get it straight.
Now you have the base and you can delete the upper half. :)
Happy Tweaking...