Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hoppy Easter Gift Box Set and Card

New Life

With Spring emerges new life. Often we overlook the fact new life comes from previous existence. Bits and pieces of our every day life are somehow connected to our past. Each choice we make today was made possible because of previous happenings or experiences.
Weather we have pushed through some bad spots, clung to an array of fabulous moments, or simply walked through a season of  little or no variables. We take with us those very things. As a few of you know I have had several seasons of challenges.
I have chosen to take the good bits and pieces which ultimately mean the most and move forward. I was blessed with a very creative Mother, and a Father who worked hard to support us no matter what creative choices of lifestyle my mother chose (building a log cabin, owning our own businesses, raising our own food, etc). I was blessed with a set of Grandparents who prayed for me as well as a Grandparents that spent time with me. As my husband and I began our very young lives together I was blessed again with a very dear friend that spent much time, prayer and giving of herself that Thom and I would have success in our lives together.
   So todays Tweak using my Silhouette Cameo brings new life to 7 SVGCuts Kits. Symbolizing small bits and pieces can produce a fabulous new creation.

 "Hoppy Easter"

A few hints to do the tweak
A few hints to do the tweak

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Music Speaks

Music Speaks where words Fail


I think no matter where you find yourself in life this could speak to you. The teenager in his/her room with the music blasting because no one understands them. Maybe you are the young married couple standing singing along in worship Sunday morning where seemingly nothing has gone right between the two of you all week, but as you worship walls are dropped and healing begins. The daily commuter that gets inspiration from travel music. Perhaps your laying in a hospital bed knowing your time served on earth is about to end, or perhaps your the person standing at the side of the bed knowing your loved one is about to leave you. So much of our lives are touched by music.

Music speaks where words fail.
Do the Tweak