Super Simple Craft Room Time Saver

Measurements Made Easier

 A quick tweak that makes everything crafty in your craft room easier. I first seen this in a seamstresses work space and as Oprah would say "I had an ah..ha moment".

Purchase one Flexible Taylor's or Seamstress Tape. They frequently are made in fabric or plastic form, I chose plastic. They are available at Bi-Mart Stores as well as most craft and hobby stores. 
Simply cut to size. My center work space area is 30 inches wide that made my decision easy. Measurements I use on a regular basis are from 3 - 24 inches long thus I knew I needed it at least 24 inches long.
Most craft table tops, work counters etc. are at least 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch thick and the tapes are 1/2 inch wide.
Affix tape to work surface edge. I applied Scotch 1/2 inch ATG Tape gun adhesive. Feel free to use whatever your go to glue is. I imagine your trusty hot glue gun thinly applied would be as good as any for this.
 Now every time you need to check the size of something, or cut something no need to grab the ruler just hold it up to the edge of your work surface.
Hope this tweak makes your crafting easier.
Happy Tweaking...

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