Kraft Bag Upscale or Repurpose

Halloween Kraft Treat or Gift Bags 

  • Create your text as a print and cut file.
    • create a black box approx. 4 inch by 2.25 (or whatever size works for you)
    • create text to fit within the box. I used font 'Royal Vanity' in size 70 then fill in with white, no border color..
    • turn on registration marks - print
    • then cut being certain only the outside edge of box is cutting (see pic C)
    • After your text is printed  and cut grab a piece of chalk and run it flat side across picture then wipe with napkin or paper towel leaving a little chalk residue behind.
  • The crow is a free download from
  • The flowers are part of a larger flower grouping.
    • Pull flowers off stems
    • pull each section of flower apart (see picture A)
    • then fold one layer of flower in half and glue, then in half again and glue (see pic B)
  • Embellish as desired

Examples A and B

Example C

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