Layered Matts Speak

The fun thing I find when layering is if you can add extra elements to each layer it gives it more depth. I started with a 12X12 shadow box frame from Michaels.
I found this music patterned fabric at a second hand shop and knew instantly it would be the perfect pattern. Made a 12X12 quilt block leaving the center block empty. I cut the word "music" on the silhouette. I chose not to use interfacing for this project "There She Sews" has a great tutorial on it.
I am not the greatest seamstress so I opted to simply use spray adhesive to attach "music" to the center of the block.
Technically there are only two matts that needed cut. The white one is the narrowest opening and the word "speaks"  welded into it. The black one is 1/4 inch wider opening and has the sound marks and "where words" cut out as well as an offset for the vinyl word "fail".
I then cut 2 of each and glued each set together to make them more stable. In hind sight I think I would go four layers on white next time.
Cut "fail" out of white vinyl and put it on top.
Because this was a shadow box it came with some spacer options. I use the largest space between the quilt block and the white and then simply placed the black atop the white.
Once you grasp this simple layering concept your projects will speak no matter the theme.
Happy Tweaking!

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