Personalized Gifting: Bags and Tissue Paper

Be Strong in The Lord

I've said it before on the sister-site, Bi-Mart Tweak. I must say it again not only do I love themes, it is an easy way to accomplish a fantastic gift no matter the occasion.
So first I created the gift, which is the SVGCuts Lipstick Gift box from their Dress Shop Kit. It was a group of us gifting so I needed to be able to incorporate the 'presents/presence' of at least half dozen people. The Theme: encouragement, and strength. The obvious each gifting person submit a note of encouragement.
  • To make those little scrolls you need to measure the height of your gift box. That becomes the width of your scroll. The length I determined by space needed for each message. I used the sketch option for the appearance of hand written letters. You could also use print and cut for this to save on production time. Then you will need a band or ribbon to secure them. Again personalizing them. I wrote "Especially chosen for you by ___ " and put in each contributors name. Then secured it together with hot glue for a more solid hold. Then to wrap those little scrolls just grab a pencil and roll. Hold on pencil slide ring or ribbon around and remove pencil.
  • Now we need a bag to put this fantastic gift in. A great go to for me is B is for Birthday kit from SVGCuts, I chose the Flower gift bag (bag only), and just resized 125%. (I draw a straight line as tall as I need the bag. Then resize the shape until it's as tall as the line I've drawn. Then before cutting each piece I simply resize same percentage. I printed the front label for the bag using print and cut.
There's few themes that come to mind as simple as the Armor of God. Especially when you are encouraging people to be 'strong in The Lord'. Brings to mind similarities of Noah's Ark for baby showers. So from here however the challenge was, this was a ladies party, the gift is Lipstick. I don't know about you, but when I think Armor I think, warrior, metal... Tissue Paper becomes the bridging piece.
  • With your silhouette page set to 8.5x11 draw a square 8x10.5 or set guides at half inch your choice. This becomes your print space. I began creating a 'feminine' approach to this. I wrote the verse once then copied and created in multiple fonts and sizes. Searched a few pics on the internet (I usually use coloring book in the search to find useable outline style photos). Added text within the pics. For example I used lipstick as 'Spirit' . Then you must stabilize your tissue paper to print on it. An inexpensive cardstock, cut your tissue paper 8.25x10.75 adhere masking tape to the edges. Place in printer appropriate direction to print on. Do not use registration marks, just send to printer.  Then grab a straight edge and cut your tissue paper off.
That's it. Let's recap.
  1. Theme (can be as simple as a color, or season)
  2. Gift
  3. Bag (embellish with theme appropriate stuff)
  4. Stuff with complimenting tissue paper.
See, four easy steps for a fantastic gift!

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