Saturday, December 17, 2016

Silhouette Mint Ink Storage

No better 'Tweak' than a useful Tweak

I recently added the Silhouette Mint to my Silhouette collection. I've never been much of a stamper, so this little addition to the tweaking corner has taken a small niche of it's own. 
Like all of my new additions I find the need to organize it. First was those tiny bottles of ink. I scored the perfect cabinet at the local thrift store, but quickly found all those bottles were toppling over when I reached for one... 
With the silhouette I make boxes all the time, but I thought maybe I can tweak what I already have.

This was a super quick tweak and no more falling over bottles!

Grab all those little boxes the ink arrived in, and your hot glue.

Cut off the hanging tag, then cut your box down the middle. As pictured above.

Add hot glue and fold in. Make sure to use very little glue and press in tight to reduce extra sizing. 

You can see I didn't take the time to make my cuts perfect, just grabbed scissors and went for it. 

Well worth the few minutes to complete!

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