Saturday, December 17, 2016

Silhouette Mint Ink Storage

No better 'Tweak' than a useful Tweak

I recently added the Silhouette Mint to my Silhouette collection. I've never been much of a stamper, so this little addition to the tweaking corner has taken a small niche of it's own. 
Like all of my new additions I find the need to organize it. First was those tiny bottles of ink. I scored the perfect cabinet at the local thrift store, but quickly found all those bottles were toppling over when I reached for one... 
With the silhouette I make boxes all the time, but I thought maybe I can tweak what I already have.

This was a super quick tweak and no more falling over bottles!

Grab all those little boxes the ink arrived in, and your hot glue.

Cut off the hanging tag, then cut your box down the middle. As pictured above.

Add hot glue and fold in. Make sure to use very little glue and press in tight to reduce extra sizing. 

You can see I didn't take the time to make my cuts perfect, just grabbed scissors and went for it. 

Well worth the few minutes to complete!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Wedding Banners made Easy

Making Multiples Easier

Banners are one of those projects that compel a sort of similarity. If it's a long banner it necessitates similarity if you are to complete it in a timely manner.
Today I wanted to share a few life tweaks that make them even easier. Starting with when I recently redid my craft room the one change I made I do not know how I ever lived without was adding a ruler to the edge of my frequently used surface.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Easy Chalkboard File Folder Labels

Do Less With More Focus

Sometime it seems we try to do these amazing things, when in fact we could focus a little more and achieve greater outcome. This weeks organization project was just that.
I needed file folders I could put a description or client name on the top of with a date when necessary. I wanted to re-use these folders but I still wanted them to look great.
Chalkboard is the hottest label right now, I cut these fancy labels for things all the time.
Why not on folders too?
Chalkboard File Folder Labels cut on the Silhouette

here's the tweak
  1. Draw a rectangle shape with rounded corners to fit your tab. (red circle) I created these 3.5 inches wide by 1/2 inch tall.
  2. Then use your cut tool, (blue circle) to cut off bottom edge to make shape flat on bottom. Make sure your unfilled shape is toggled to treat as solid.
Once shape is completed replicate as many times as needed.
That's it doing less with more focus! Happy Tweaking!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weekly Free Download

Silhouette Free Download 1/19/2016

For those new silhouette users every week the Silhouette store offers a FREE download pattern.
Sometimes the patterns may not appeal to you as much as others, but especially in the beginning I recommend always downloading them. It will make you familiar with different design ideas, and most pieces can be used in lots of different ways.
First let me give credit here to Daniela Moscone she is the amazing designer for this one. I was most surprised by this card because the back flaps double as the cards stand. So this one stands up on it's own. We love that!
Then to add just a quick enhancement to the back-side I saved the stars and the rectangles from the front cut. I also used my cutting tool to cut an additional base.
1. Duplicate your base. (or copy paste)
2. Select your Cutting Tool

3. Make sure your unfilled shape stays as a solid.
4. Hold your shift key while dragging knife across bottom section to cut in straight line.
NOTE: If your new to the knife remember that if you cut a little off simply hit your undo and start again until you get it straight.
Now you have the base and you can delete the upper half. :)
Happy Tweaking...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Upscale a Kraft Bag

Simple Kraft Bag Upscale

I love gifting, and I especially love adding the little extra touch to make it a really special gift. I am always looking for ways to 'tweak' the normal, in an inexpensive way to create an above average moment.
So my current challenge is up-scaling Kraft bags. This was a quick fun one.
Click here to do the tweak!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Headboard Personalization

A special gift for my Hubby

Previously I posted spice jar labels and that I had a second project in mind for these leaves by Loni Harris. Second Project complete.
Head board in our RV, an Everlite by Evergreen.
Original post with spice jar project.